Sydneysiders happiest in the south
Sydneysiders happiest in the south

A survey of the level of happiness in our suburbs has thrown up some real differences across our city.

Exclusive research carried out for 7News has found Sydney's south has the most content population.

And it’s not hard believe on beautiful sunny day at the beach, that the Shire is the heart of Sydney's happiest suburbs.

The survey conducted for 7News has found around three quarters of Sydney residents are comfortable with their standard of living.

"Sydney residents have told us the best place to live in Sydney, is south Sydney, they’re happiest, their standard of living his high," Peter Bently from the McKell Institute said.

"Not surprisingly western Sydney families are most concerned about their personal finances."

In the south, 83 per cent of residents say they're happy than the east and north, compared with just 69 per cent of those in the west.

The survey shows the challenge of paying bills and affording mortgages is taking its toll on quality of life.

Fifty-four per cent in the east, and more in the south and north, but 65 per cent of families in the west say their feeling under pressure.

More families are turning to financial counsellors for help.

”More and more people in the higher income brackets, than we have seen previously, and even people who are small business owners," financial counsellor Gabrielle Locke said.

When it comes to getting on with next door, 86 per cent of Sydneysiders say they like their next door neighbor.

They're the friendliest in the south, but still not as close as they are in the country.

In fact, 85 per cent of people living outside of Sydney are happy.

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