Australia Post worker's 'bad luck' caught on CCTV: 'Poor guy'

People argued over who was to blame for the incident. What do you think?

Rough days at work happen to everyone, and for one Aussie postie his day took a turn for the worst after a box of wine broke open as he carried it, with the glass bottles smashing on the floor and wine splashing all over himself and someone's front porch.

Doorbell footage from the homeowners captured the "bad luck" after the wife heard the chaos while working from home. "Gotta feel sorry for the postie," the person shared to an Australia Post Reddit community alongside the footage. "Was really just bad luck… (sic) it took a few weeks but I got it replaced."

Screenshots from the video of the incident showng the Australia Post driver carrying a box and the bottom giving way, sending bottles of wine crashing to the floor.
Aussies at odds over who is to blame for the mishap after the bottom of the box gave way. Source: Reddit

Aussies divided over who to blame for incident

While hundreds shared sympathy, agreeing a moment like this can mean a "day ruined", others argued over who was the blame for the mishap: the postie or the seller.

Many argued it was the sender who had not packed the box properly. "Not the postie’s fault. It’s the seller’s/sender’s, not using packing material that is strong enough, not wrapping the box in cling wrap and/or taping it all over (not just across) to make sure the box withstands the weight," said one person in response to the post.

"I hope you were able to show this to the seller, and hopefully they will then look into the quality of their boxes," another agreed.

Then there were those who believed it was the handling of the box that caused the break. "Who [carries] a box of bottles without supporting the base where all the weight is. This accident could of been avoided if this bloke had common sense and been trained properly (sic)," a frustrated Aussie said.

"Not only is that the wrong way to carry the box, it's bad for his back too," another agreed.

Aus Post packaging debate is not new

In October, an Australia Post customer vented their anger after receiving a delivery in a torn-apart box. The post on Facebook ended up sparking a bitter debate over who was responsible for the damage and while some customers put the blame on Australia Post for leaving "gaping holes" in the box, others defended the delivery service and said the sender was at fault for incorrectly packing the parcel.

"Looks like a very thin cardboard box with a lot of empty space. What do you think is going to happen when such a package is handled by machinery and heavier packages are bound to land on top of it?" someone asked at the time.

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