Aussie tourist hits back at criticism of her Bali orphanage visit: 'Childish'

An Aussie tourist has hit back at "childish" critics who mocked her orphanage visit in Bali this week with many criticising her outfit choice during her stay.

Kelsey Foster, from Newcastle in NSW, said she collected "lots of rice, eggs, oil and noodles" to take to the children in need, but her generosity was overlooked because of her clothing.

The 28-year-old shared photos of her visit on social media where she has a healthy following. The digital creator and business owner said the children were "were nothing but grateful" after receiving the bountiful food supply and she encouraged others to do the same. But people were quick to comment on Ms Foster's questionable outfit — a tiny pink bikini and matching sheer co-ord.

The mum said she dressed down for the occasion because of the island's humidity, but it didn't fly with some who thought the Australian was just after a photo opportunity. "Next time it would prob be much more respectful to keep your puppies inside your clothes," one social media user wrote, The Daily Mail reported. Others said children "don't need to see it," referring to her bare skin and cleavage.

Kelsey Foster visited an orphanage while in Bali wearing pink bikini.
Kelsey Foster visited an orphanage while in Bali but got slammed for her choice of outfit. Source: Supplied

But Ms Foster brushed off the cruel remarks and told Yahoo News Australia it's "extremely childish behaviour" to take aim at what she wore. "People were saying I was disrespectful for not covering my skin up and [that] I did it for social media, just some really rude people saying I didn’t actually mean it, or do it for the children," the 28-year-old said.

Ms Foster said people will "always find the negative in something positive" but she is "happy" with what she did — and what she wore. "I guarantee if I was a man or middle-aged woman no fuss would be made. It’s because I am a woman and have breasts that are large and not easy to just hide," she said.

Kelsey Foster at Bali orphanage wearing pink bikini.
Kelsey hit back at critics who mocked her pink bikini and said it's 'childish behaviour'. Source: Supplied

Ms Foster explained why she decided to wear a bikini. She'd been swimming at beaches all morning and their driver recommended a nearby orphanage, and she didn't have any spare clothes. "The driver and myself checked it was okay to go inside wearing swimmers and they said yes and invited us in," Ms Foster told Yahoo. "The children didn’t care what I was wearing. They had the biggest smiles to see all the food and things I took them."

Kelsey Foster digital creator and business owner from Newcastle.
Kelsey Foster is a digital creator and business owner from Newcastle. Source: Supplied

The 28-year-old said she wants to use her social media following and finances to help people and will continue encouraging others to do the same. That's why she shared heartwarming photos of her orphanage visit on social media to start with.

"It is not a bad thing to remind people ways to help others," she said. "If I took donations and did not post to social media to share with friends I would have been labelled a scammer or something, so either way you win some and lose some."

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