Woman claims HR sent her home because of 'distracting' outfit

A woman has claimed to have been sent home for wearing a "revealing" outfit to her office job for the second time.

In a TikTok video, Marie Dee showed the outfit that caused the drama; a knee-length black dress with short-sleeves.

"Guys it happened again, I'm getting sent home for my outfit," she said on TikTok.

"This time the HR girl approached me, I'm about to ask her."

Two side-by-side photos of a woman showing her black work dress in a TikTok video.
A woman has claimed on TikTok to have been sent home from her office job for her “revealing” outfit. Source: TikTok/ notmariedee

After asking the supposed HR manager why her outfit has been deemed inappropriate, the manager can be heard saying it's "too revealing and distracting".

"It's distracting?" Ms Dee repeats, to which the woman responds with "very".

Ms Dee's video has been viewed more than 24.5 million times, with many incredulous that her outfit is considered inappropriate in any way.

"I’m an HR leader and I think your outfit is professional and polished!" one person said.

"Revealing?! What’s the policy? They are bitter!" said another.

"Ummm, I would wear this to my church," a third person said.

Woman's video 'scripted'

Despite getting hundreds of concerned TikTokers commenting on the post, the woman's claims appear to be scripted as she works at a family business with her dad and husband.

"This is 100 percent not real. But it is funny," one person commented.

"No way this is really happening at a company your Dad owns! But..still funny," another said.

"I sense a scripted TikTok moment. You look great. Can’t imagine a HR department that would use the words 'way too distractive and revealing'," a third person said.

Although the video appears to be scripted, it still seemed to resonate with women who have sadly faced this issue at work before.

"Definitely scripted, but that has literally happened to me several times. It's really not uncommon," one woman said.

"This was the worst before my (breast) surgery - people would say I was showing off but there was just a lot there and not a lot to hold them," someone else said on another video Ms Dee had made.

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