Newborn survives after being buried alive

A newborn girl has miraculously survived after being buried alive for seven hours, according to Brazilian police.

A 15-year-old gave birth last week but her family believed the baby had died and buried her in the backyard of their house, the Matto Grosso state police department said. 

An anonymous tip related to the burial led police to the little girl, and they dug up the baby, who was hospitalised.

She’s said to be in stable condition.

Police have rescued a newborn baby buried alive in Brazil. Source: Facebook/ Polícia Militar do Estado de Mato Grosso

The baby’s grandmother and great-grandmother have been taken into custody pending an investigation. 

The great-grandmother claimed the baby didn’t cry and believed the little girl was dead, O Globo reports.

Police questioned the 15-year-old mother and released her after a few hours.

A newborn baby is recovering in hospital after being buried alive in Brazil. Source: Polícia Militar do Estado de Mato Grosso