Man in motorbike crash searches for woman who helped him

A motorbike rider who was in an accident last month plans to meet a woman who stayed with him  until the ambulance arrived.

Nathan Gütt-Stafford shared a post on social media in the hope of finding the woman named Kylie who helped him following the crash in the Brisbane suburb of Annerley, saying he would like to thank her in person.

He wrote: “She did not leave me at any point but helped me heaps whilst going through the stressful, painful and upsetting period.”

The accident happened on May 29 when Mr Gütt-Stafford, 21, was travelling to work.

He believes he was braking as traffic was slowing, but became distracted by a nearby vehicle and could not stop fast enough, running into the back of a car.

The 21-year-old shared information about the accident on Facebook in the hope of finding Kylie (left) and thanking her in person. Source: Supplied.

Kylie Heard, 31, and her partner immediately pulled over when they spotted Mr Gütt-Stafford coming off the back of a car and falling to the ground.

“I could tell he was very distressed,” Ms Heard told Yahoo7.

“He was saying his back was hurting and his neck was a bit sore.”

Other people who pulled over called emergency services and directed traffic, but Ms Heard, who has worked with Queensland Health and is now with Blue Care as a nurse, said her main focus was to keep him staying still.

“He was in a pretty awkward position and I could see the laceration to his forehead,” she said.

“Once I knew emergency services were on the way my main goal was to distract him.”

Mr Gütt-Stafford had been travelling to work when the accident occurred. Source: Supplied

Mr Gütt-Stafford said she reassured him that he was fine even though the 21-year-old was in a bit of pain. Doctors later told him he had also sustained whiplash and a muscle sprain.

“It made me feel that I was in a safe place,” Mr Gütt-Stafford told Yahoo7. 

“It helped me get my mind off what had happened. She was asking me questions away from the accident.” 

The amount of attention Ms Heard’s actions have generated has surprised her, saying what she did seemed like a natural reaction.

“I would hope that most people would have the same response,” the 31-year-old said.

The 31-year-old was one of a number of people who helped following the accident. Source: Supplied

Ms Heard was grateful Mr Gütt-Stafford had tried to track her down, saying: “It really surprised me. I was very thankful that he did that.”

The pair are planning to meet next week.