New roadworks speed cameras to start fining Aussie drivers

Until now the portable solar-powered cameras have been collecting 'vehicle data', but from next month fines will be issued.

Roadside cameras aimed at catching speeding drivers at roadworks sites will begin issuing fines in one Aussie state after a two-year trial period.

The Queensland government first unveiled the roadworks camera initiative in August 2021, with a trial to run from mid-2022 to April 2024. However from next month drivers will be fined if detected speeding by the portable solar-powered cameras.

The cameras were specifically designed and built to sit on top of a mobile platform that can be easily moved around the worksite via a remote control. They aim to protect roadside workers from speeding drivers. The new design was previously criticised for being unrecognisable by passing drivers.

Portable solar-powered cameras at a Queensland roadworks site.
The Queensland mobile speed cameras are designed to be moved around and can appear anywhere, anytime at worksites. Source: Transport and Main Roads Queensland

Cameras have been capturing 'speed data'

Despite being in place since 2022, Queensland's Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has confirmed the cameras have not given out any fines, and have so far only been capturing "vehicle speed data".

"During operational trials and further industry engagement, industry requested a solution able to be deployed at shorter-term roadworks," a TMR spokesperson said. "An alternative camera type was subsequently sourced and is now being installed.

"Following the conclusion of operational trials, it is anticipated the roadworks cameras will commence issuing infringement notices in May, 2024."

The cameras were set up and have been used on "high-risk roadworks sites" across the state. Asked how it was determined where the cameras would go, TMR said the department liaised with industry to identify roadworks sites where speeding posed a problem to worker safety, the ABC reported.

Portable solar-powered cameras at a Queensland roadworks site.
The state-of the-art speed cameras will begin issuing fines from May after an almost two-year trial period. Source: Transport and Main Roads Queensland

School zone camera catching speeding drivers

The initiative also saw new cameras at school zones which were installed at stationary positions and attached to speed signs. TMR revealed to ABC these cameras have issued over 10,000 fines since they became operational in August.

Between August 7 and March 22, the school zone cameras handed out over 7,000 fines to drivers caught speeding in the lower tier of up to 10km/h over the limit. Over the same period, 2,801 fines were given to drivers caught speeding between 11 and 20km/h over the limit — while 206 fines were given to motorists caught travelling between 21 and 30km/h over.

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