Rude sign erected as locals fed up with major issue on Aussie roads

It is not yet known who put up the road sign, but it appears a local MP sympathises with local's frustrations.

Uneven roads with potholes and broken asphalt are a common sight in Australia, leaving residents across the nation fed up and ready to take matters into their own hands.

Citizen-made signs on streets have become an increasingly popular way for people to let the government know just how frustrated they are, with Diamond Creek Road in Victoria — known as 'The Windy Mile' for locals — the latest to be called out for its poor condition.

A yellow sign, which at first glance appears to be from authorities, has been positioned on the road next to a row of potholes. Yet when looking closer, it quickly becomes apparent the sign has been added by a fed-up member of the public.

"Surface still f**ked", it reads. It's unclear who left the sign and how it was made, but the frustration behind it is clear for all to see.

Images of the yellow road sign which says 'surface still f**ked' put next to an uneven part of Diamond Creek Road.
It is still unclear who made and put the road sign up. Source: TikTok/Trianabutler

While over one million people have looked and laughed at the sign shared online, saying it's "the most Australian thing" they've ever seen, it also speaks to a much deeper, ongoing issue with the condition of the arterial road in Melbourne's North East, as well as across Australia.

The state of the road has prompted Labor Member for Eltham, Vicki Ward MP to release a survey for Diamond Creek Road after "a number of locals have raised their concerns" with her about it. She states online that the feedback given will be presented to the Department of Transport and the Minister for Roads and Road Safety for consideration.

Tree planted in pothole nearby

In 2021 — just five minutes up the same road — residents planted a tree directly in a giant pothole to get the attention of the council after it had been left, damaging several cars.

Photos of the tree had hundreds of people from the area celebrating the move. "This is in my local area — local council says it's a VicRoads issue, VicRoads says it's Metro Trains' issue, Metro says it's not..." one person shared, showing the frustration felt by many.

Diamond Creek Road is an arterial road, meaning it is a major connecting road, and is managed by the state's transport department, not the local council. In Melbourne this is VicRoads.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to VicRoads and Vicki Ward MP for comment.

Tree planted in pothole in Diamond Creek in 2021 (left). A spray painted message on a road in Adelaide in October (right).
Tree planted in pothole in Diamond Creek in 2021 (left). A spray painted message on a road in Adelaide in October (right). Source: The Today Show/Facebook

Not the first frustrated message on Australian roads

In October, one road user showed their anger over a defect by spray painting "fix it you lazy pricks" onto an Adelaide road with an arrow pointing to an uneven kerb at a roundabout.

It appeared some work had been carried out to smooth the surface but was seemingly incomplete, prompting the brutal call for action.

An image of the road message was posted online by MP Blair Boyer, the South Australian Minister of Education, Training and Skills, who confirmed he does not condone graffiti but did notify authorities of the road conditions.

"I don’t agree with spray painting the road to make your point (and just creating further work for council in the process), but nonetheless I have written to City of Tee Tree Gully council about the kerb," he said.

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