Council defends introducing little-known road rule as drivers cop $272 fines

Aussie drivers need to know what the subtle kerbside change means – as you're likely to see more of it.

Recent confusion over new road markings has forced one Aussie council to explain what they are, and to defend why it chose to use them over another commonly known road sign as drivers cop hefty fines.

Residents in south Sydney have spotted solid yellow line markings with some admitting they don't know what they mean, forcing Bayside Council to give drivers a crash course.

The markings indicate drivers are unable to stop in the area and have an equivalent meaning to solid red 'No stopping' signs common on Australian roads. The council explained it chose to introduce the markings to reduce "visual clutter" as the area is already filled with traffic signs.

The solid yellow line at a road junction in Bayside Council highlights the little-known road rule drivers have to abide by.
Bayside Council has defended why it introduced the little-known yellow road makings over recognisable 'No stopping' signs. Source: Facebook

"Council recently made the decision to roll out the yellow C3 line marking in lieu of 'No stopping' signage in the first instance to address the visual clutter associated with sign proliferation throughout the LGA," a council spokesperson told Yahoo News.

The council said the markings have already been in use for some time now but residents can expect an increase in the area, as it continues to roll out an education campaign encouraging motorists to get up to speed with what they mean.

"The yellow line marking has been in use across Bayside LGA in select locations and on clearways for a long time, however due to the recent decision it will become more widespread," the council said.

A corner on a residential street showing a yellow line-markings at a road junction.
Solid yellow line markings are used throughout Aussie roads. Source: Facebook

Aussies 'never heard' of road rule

Yellow line-markings were introduced on Aussie roads as a replacement option for 'No stopping' signs back in 1999 and were written into NSW legislation 16 years ago but drivers have admitted to not knowing what they mean, with the NRMA aware of the issue.

"We regularly hear from NRMA members who have never heard of the the rule before," the NRMA wrote on their website.

Last year, one Sydney driver took to social media after they were unwittingly "slugged" with a "hefty fine".

"How long have you not been allowed to park on a continuous yellow edged line?" they asked other residents, admitting they would "have to wear it".

If motorists stop on the yellow lines it can result in a fine of $272, or $352 as well as two demerit points in a school zone.

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