New footage emerges of terrified witnesses hiding from vicious Christmas Eve brawl

Leonie Ryan

New security vision has come to light of terrified families watching a wild brawl unfold in Sydney.

As 7 News exclusively revealed last night a man was knocked unconscious while chairs and punches were through on a busy strip at Brighton-Le-Sands.

The melee saw men throwing punches and chairs in front of scared onlookers. Photo: 7 News

Families with children were having ice cream just before 11pm on Christmas Eve when the brawl broke out on the busy Grand Parade.

Panicked staff rushed to lock the doors and watched on as the melee continued outside their shop.

Vision 7 News aired exclusively last night showed what they witnessed.

The fight was so vicious it left one man unconscious on the ground.

Witnesses say four men were eating at the Kamari Greek Restaurant when a man confronted them screaming: “What are you doing here? This is my area.”

Backup arrived and punches and chairs were thrown.

Police returned today to speak to business owners in the hope of finding the attackers.

Members of the public hid behind locked doors as they watched. Photo: 7 News

Police have little to go on at this stage except for the phone vision 7 News gave them long with CCTV seized from nearby businesses.

The victim is not talking so they need the public’s help in identifying the offenders.