Netflix in lockdown amid reports of a person with a gun

Netflix headquarters in Hollywood was forced into lockdown after police received reports of a person with a “deadly weapon” on the studio lot.

Local news station KTLA, who was also been affected by the lockdown, said employees of both companies were instructed to stay inside and away from windows at offices at Sunset Bronson Studios.

A person was taken into custody a short time later, with police confirming no-one had been injured in the incident, KTLA reported.

Police officers attend the scene at Sunset Bronson Studios. Source: Twitter/Sarah Faubion/Smith

After the lockdown was lifted, employees were evacuated from the buildings.

Police could be seen on the rooftop of the studio buildings, clearing the site of any possible danger.

In a statement, Netflix said they had received a tip about a ‘potential law enforcement incident’.

“Police are conducting a sweep of the lot out of an abundance of caution. There is no immediate danger or threat to our employees,” the statement read.

Police officers were seen on the rooftops of the buildings in the studio. Source: KTLA