'I'm tired of being scared': Neighbour left red-faced after complaining about 'creepy shadow'

US TV series Supernatural is known for leaving its viewers on edge – but thanks to one adoring fan, the show is now inadvertently terrifying her neighbours.

Kellie Burkhart’s obsession with the CW series resulted in her placing a life-size cardboard cut-out of lead actor Jensen Ackles in her Tennessee bedroom window.

While everything looked normal from her end, next door a four-year-old child had been left horrified by “Dean’s” haunting silhouette.

Kellie had no idea just how haunting the cut-out seemed from afar, that was until her dad received a message from the child’s father.

The neighbours were creeped out by the cut-out. Source: Twitter / Kellie Burkhart

“I'm tired of being scared of whatever is in your kids creepy window,” the neighbour wrote alongside a photo of the view from their house.

Wasting no time, Kellie shared the neighbour’s message to Twitter alongside a photo of her beloved Dean cut-out.

“So the neighbor just sent my dad a message on Facebook…” she wrote.

Not everyone loves Supernatural as much as Kellie. Source: Twitter

"Ok turns out my neighbor has a four year old kid who has a room that faces my window."

Rather than take the cut-out down, Kellie said she has just shut her blinds permanently.

Twitter reacted as expected with 33,000 people sharing the hilarious message, alongisde their favourite Supernatural memes.