'Nearly cost me my life': Nurse who slipped on onion at Bunnings hits out at ridicule

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

Another victim of a fall caused by a slippery onion at Bunnings has hit out at the national ridicule over stricter safety guidelines for the hardware chain’s iconic sausage sizzle.

The Victorian woman came forward on Wednesday to reveal she was another individual who was taking on Bunnings after taking a tumble at one of their stores in February.

“I’m one of those people suing Bunnings over onion on the floor, and a very nasty fall that I suffered because of it,” she said.

The placement of the onions on a sausage sanga has been a hot topic around Australia this week. Source: AAP

She follows in the footsteps of 65-year-old Queensland farmer Trevor who earlier this week revealed he had been a victim of fried onion on a Bunnings shop floor three years ago, which left him seriously injured.

The theatre nurse said her resulting injuries had made a “huge impact” on her life and that her misfortune shouldn’t be the butt of jokes around the country.

“Besides the pain, surgery and an unknown future, I was more offended by the laughter and comments over the whole issue than anything else,” she said.

“Yes it seems funny and stupid, but for me personally that one trip to Bunnings has nearly cost me my career… nearly my life”.

Bunnings have advised all sizzle operators to place onions on the bottom for safety reasons. Source: AAP

She urged people to rethink their outlook on the seemingly innocuous hazard.

“So please before you say things and have a good laugh, just think of those many poor people out there that have really been affected by something so simple as a stupid little piece of onion that fell onto the floor while you were shopping,” she concluded.

Her scathing words come after Bunnings’ new safety recommendations to place onion below the sausage became the talk of the nation.

The move has outraged many Aussies, with some calling the changes to the quintessential weekend snack as ‘un-Australian’.

However when announcing the change to sausage sizzles, Bunnings said in a statement safety was its number one priority.