Mum of six dies from Covid after giving birth to twins

Nadine Carroll
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A mother of six has died weeks after giving birth to twins prematurely while she was fighting Covid-19.

Manuel Medina is now a single father after his wife Veronica Bernal died suddenly after giving birth to their twins eight weeks early due to complications with coronavirus.

"It hurts so much because there was nothing I could do," Mr Medina, from Phoenix in the US, told Fox 5 News.

Veronica Bernal (left) who passed away from covid-19 complications and her husband Manuel Medina (right) holding their newborn twins.
Veronica Bernal (left) died weeks after prematurely giving birth to her twins due to Covid-19 complications, her husband Manuel Medina (right) is now a single father. Source: Twitter

Ms Bernal, 36, was already a mother to a 10-month-old baby boy and three other children when she was diagnosed with Covid-19 shortly after Christmas.

After she was placed on a ventilator, doctors decided to deliver twins Manuel Jr. and Mariyah prematurely on January 6, however just three weeks later she passed away from Covid-19 complications.

A tearful Mr Medina told Fox News he was unable to say goodbye to his wife, and told of how he fell in love with her two years ago because of her “laugh, smile, just her presence”.

He now faces the future of raising their three children alone. Ms Bernal also had three children from a previous relationship.

Manuel Medina and Veronica Bernal with some of their family.
Manuel Medina is now a single father to three children with late wife Veronica Bernal (right) who also leaves behind three other children. Source: Twitter

"She's never going to get to see them grow up. She's not going to get to be part of their lives anymore or anything because of all this,” Mr Medina told Fox News.

"For her to be taken so quick... it's hard for me to just think of and imagine”.

The single father is currently balancing full time work and visiting his newborn twins in the intensive care unit. He hopes to be able to take them home in a week.

“Manuel has continued to work to provide for his family financially, leaving him no time to grieve for his loss,” sister Deanna Medina shared on a GoFundMe page she set up to help her brother.

“Veronica was a beautiful, loving, and compassionate person,” she wrote.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Manuel Medina provide for his children.

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