Mum runs from house in tears after frightening find in baby's cot

A petrified Melbourne mum has run screaming from her home with her baby in her arms after finding a deadly snake in her daughter’s cot.

Heath Morehu, of Heath’s Snake Control, was called to a home in Montmorency in the city’s northeast in January after a mum claims she found a tiger snake in her kitchen about 1pm.

“It was during some extreme heat and she claimed there was an adult tiger snake in her kitchen,” Mr Morehu said.

“There are lots of snakes in the area but I couldn’t find the tiger snake. I believe it went out the back door.”

A Melbourne mum living in the suburb of Montmorency made a frightening discovery in her daughter’s cot. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

Mr Morehu said the mum joked with him she would sell her house if she ever came across another snake inside.

He left. But the following night about 9pm he received a phone call from the same woman.

“She had put her baby down when the noticed the flicker of a snake’s tail,” Mr Morehu said.

“Then poo sprayed everywhere. The snake had defecated everywhere.”

It wasn’t a tiger snake either, it was an eastern brown.

The mum found an eastern brown snake in her daughter’s cot and ran from the house. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

The mum ran from the house in tears carrying her little girl.

“If that snake didn’t give her a fright, who knows what would have happened?” Mr Morehu said.

“She was very upset, very emotional and shaking.”

Mr Morehu said it was one of the most disturbing jobs he’s attended but the baby was OK.

He’s tried to reach out to the woman since he removed the 60-centimetre snake but has had no luck.

The snake catcher added he’s been back to check-in on the mum but each time “no one’s home”.

A Victorian man recently found a dead snake stuck behind a picture frame in his house.

He removed the picture from the wall when he discovered what’s believed to be a copperhead snake stuck to a three-metre adhesive strip.

North Queensland’s floods have led to snakes popping up in weird places.

Cairns Snake Catcher Matt Hagan said he came across a snake in a supermarket shelf.

He added it was “cranky” and just wanted to sleep.

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