'I didn't see that coming': Terrifying discovery behind picture frame on wall

A man has found a dead snake stuck to the wall behind a picture frame in a surprising discovery in his Victorian home.

The man removed the picture from his wall and discovered what is believed to be a copperhead snake stuck to a three-metre adhesive strip.

“We found a dead snake behind a picture frame today,” he said on Reddit.

“I didn’t see that coming.”

The copperhead was found behind a picture frame in a Victorian home. Source: Reddit/TomStrange76

People said the adhesive strip could be a new type of “snake trap”.

“Wow, those 3m strips are pretty versatile,” one said.

The man was shocked the snake was capable of climbing walls and was confused as to how it got there.

“I feel like our cats might have something to do with it,” he said on Reddit.

“They spend a lot of time in this back room and have been known to bring in wildlife from outside.”

The snake was stuck to a three-metre adhesive strip on the wall. Source: Reddit/TomStrange76

According to Australian Museum, copperheads shelter under logs, stumps, boulders and sheets of roofing iron.

It is not known how long the snake had been stuck behind the picture frame, but one snake enthusiast said on Reddit it likely the snake would have only survived about three or four weeks without food or water.

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