Mum 'arrested' for posting video of students fighting on social media

A mother has reportedly been arrested and faces charges after she shared a video of a schoolyard fight she claims was found on her son’s phone, which has since gone viral.

Maegan Adkins-Barras, 32, told police she found a recording of a high school brawl on her son’s mobile, then shared the clip to social media.

Maegan Adkins-Barras, 32, was arrested and faces charges after she shared a video of a schoolyard fight she claims was found on her son’s phone. Source: Scott Police Department

The footage from the fight which reportedly happened about 10am on Tuesday shows a Louisiana schoolboy throwing a punch at another student causing him to fall and hit his head on a concrete bench, before collapsing to the ground.

Police said the altercation at Acadiana High School, in Lafayette, landed the juvenile in the hospital with minor injuries, but he has since been released, KATC reported.

The students involved in the fight were reportedly disciplined in accordance with Lafayette Parish School System guidelines, school officials said.

Two Louisiana schoolboys were also arrested for this brawl caught on video. Source: KATC

Scott Police Chief Chad Leger told the local news station two students faced criminal charges: one of disturbing the peace by fighting; the other of battery.

It is not known if Ms Adkins-Barras witnessed the fight in person, but local police say she had a responsibility to report the crime, so they arrested her.

“Parents who receive information concerning criminal activity on school campuses are urged to contact their local police department or school administration,” the Scott Police Department said.

“Posting videos and photos of illegal activity on social media is against the law in the State of Louisiana.”

The woman faces charges of unlawful posting of criminal activity for notoriety and publicity, a crime that could land her six months behind bars if convicted.

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