Mother delivers healthy baby girl in moving car on busy highway

When one couple found out they were having a baby, they didn't think she would so keen to come into the world she would not wait for the car to stop.

But that's what happened for Cheyenne and John Dunbar who were headed to the hospital in the US state of Oklahoma when their little girl just couldn't wait any longer, KTUL reports.

"We are in construction, it is all barricaded off, so I can't pull off, 911 is telling me to pull off but I am like, ‘Look you don't understand, I can't, I don't know what to do,’ " John said.

"Within a couple of minutes we are on the turnpike and it got real, real quick.”

"She is telling me this baby is coming, I am like, ‘No, you cannot push, don't push.’"

It was just minutes later that DelilahMae was born.

"Within seconds of me telling him that her head was out, she was all the way out and I had caught her," mother, Cheyenne Dunbar said.

"She almost instantly started crying, so I knew she was breathing, I cleaned her face off and flipped on the heater so she wouldn't get too cold."

John said he was so shaken up from the birth that he just "prayed and prayed".

"I drove really fast, I cussed, she prayed, I prayed," he said.

Both mother and baby are doing fine now with Cheyenne saying she is "perfect" and already gained a pound since her sudden arrival.