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Mortician mum on the deadly food you shouldn't give kids: ‘New fear unlocked’

A funeral director in the US has revealed the top foods she refuses to allow her children to eat in a deadly warning to parents everywhere.

Referring to herself as a ‘scarred mortician”, Lauren Eliza from Florida has taken to TikTok to name the groceries that are banned in her house.

“Call me the grinch but my toddlers don’t eat popcorn,” she wrote in the caption of a video which has since been viewed more than 358,000 times.

“Giving your children popcorn is one of the quickest ways you can get a ride in an ambulance,” she told the camera. “You know those little kernels that get stuck in your teeth? That can also happen to your children and those little pieces are so light weight that they are so easily sucked up back into your oesophagus that you can aspirate on them and choke.”

Mortician Lauren Eliza.
Mortician Lauren Eliza named the top three foods she has banned from here pantry. Source: TikTok

She argued that the danger is still there even if parents supervise their kids.

“This is just a friendly reminder that no matter how much you watch your children they can still choke on popcorn whether you are here or not,” she said. “The irregular shapes and dry texture of popcorn makes it super easy to get stuck.”

Grocery list of banned foods continues

Lauren’s list of banned items also extends to nuts after a tragic case at the funeral home.

“One of the saddest calls we ever got involved a child with a peanut,” the mortician told viewers. “They [the parents] put their child to bed without knowing there was a piece of peanut in their lip and they didn’t wake up the next morning.”

She adds that this is why it is also important to cut up grapes.

“This type of accident happens when you least expect it and don't just assume that it is something that happens to other parents,” she said. “Protect your children please.”

The Florida mum’s revelations left many users shocked. “Now I understand why a family member refused me or my sister popcorn ever,” one person wrote. “New fear unlocked,” said another.

While plenty of parents were quick to share their own list of groceries that are prohibited from their pantries.

“My kids aren’t allowed stringy cheese on pizza,” one person said. “[I] saved three kids from choking on that cheese, gives me anxiety.”

“What is banned at my house are marshmallows, just don’t, too dangerous,” another wrote. “Cadbury mini eggs are banned in mine,” added another.

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