Moose Jaw police shoot and kill 'aggressive' cow on the loose

Moose Jaw police say there has been an increase in 'ding, dong, ditch' pranks occurring in the late evenings and early morning hours. (Kirk Fraser/CBC - image credit)

Moose Jaw police say officers shot and killed a cow on the loose in the city Wednesday.

Police received reports of a cow causing trouble at various locations near the Fourth Avenue Bridge, a Moose Jaw Police Service (MJPS) news release said.

MJPS said the cow was a public safety risk. It was aggressive, travelled through nearby yards and hit a parked vehicle causing significant damage.

The cow evaded all capture attempts, according to the police service. Police say they deemed euthanizing it the only option after a conversation with livestock professionals. Police shot the cow and turned it over to a nearby livestock agency for transport.

No residents or police officers were injured, police say.