Amazing video shows truck blown over by strong winds, crushing ute

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A truck has been filmed being blown over and crushing a car in gale force winds.

Jacky Charms’s boyfriend, who was driving along a motorway in Fontana, California, filmed a number of overturned trucks on Monday.

Ms Charms shared the video on her TikTok account urging people to be safe as the Santa Ana wind gusts reached up to 129km/h.

In the video, she points out “a number of rigs” have already been knocked over from the wind.

“As you see there’s two right there,” she says.

A truck blows over and crushes a ute during the Santa Ana winds in California.
The Santa Ana winds knock over a truck. Source: TikTok/Jackyycharms

She says her boyfriend noticed the truck in front was “moving pretty crazy” so he decided to keep his distance.

A wind gust then knocks the truck over – crushing the tray of a ute in the lane left of it.

Ms Charms claims no one was hurt.

The video cuts away and further ahead on the motorway is another truck flipped on its side.

On Twitter, people were in shock over the sheer power of the wind.

“I work in the city (and) we lost power due to the winds. That city has the most insane winds in the country I swear it,” one man tweeted.

Another man added the winds have been “crazy”.

“Literally entire trees knocked down at every corner too,” he tweeted.

Fontana Public Works Department manager Dan West told Fontana Herald News the department has received about 100 calls for wind damage mostly related to trees.

"I don't remember the winds being this strong in quite a while," Mr West said.

"It was surprising."

Firefighters face strong winds as they head up a hillside to battle a wind driven wildfire near Irvine, California.
Firefighters try to withstand the wind and fire near Irvine, California. Source: Reuters

Nearby Rancho Cucamonga received more than 1000 calls from people worried about the winds.

The city’s director said it could take between six to eight weeks to clean up the damage.

The wind has also sparked wildfires throughout California.

Across the state, nearly 5,000 crew members battled 22 wildfires on Wednesday, and successfully contained 23 new ones.

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