Model shaken by creepy discovery on CCTV

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A model discovered a stalker was lurking outside her bedroom window after her mother spotted him on CCTV footage. 

Gustė Janušauskaitė, 22, who lives in the US state of Florida, revealed on TikTok a man appeared on the footage outside her bedroom window as soon as she arrived home one Sunday night.

She said her mum had installed two Ring cameras, one at the front door and one outside her bedroom.

"I thought [that] was extra as hell because we live in a gated community in a very safe city," she said.

"But God bless my mother's intuition because it definitely saved my life.

"The same day we put those cameras in, that night we caught that footage."

Gustė Janušauskaitė takes a selfie while sitting in her car.
The model says she has since moved house. Source: Instagram/@gustejanus

Ms Janušauskaitė said she returned home about 11.10pm one night and the man was outside her window by 11.11pm. 

"So he knew my schedule and when I got home," she said.

"So I woke up to police knocking on my door because my mum saw the footage from the night before while she was at work and called the police.

"The police told me to keep my blinds and windows closed 24/7, so essentially telling me to live like a f***ing vampire in order to feel somewhat safe in my own house."

The model then said in a TikTok video she created a "booby trap" outside her window by tying a rope between two trees so she would hear him trip and fall if he returned.

A week went by and Janušauskaitė didn't hear anything until the following Sunday.

"I get home at like 2am, guess who hears my booby trap go off at 2.05am?" she said on TikTok.

"Immediately my heart drops to my stomach and I start having a panic attack.

"I get my phone and I check my Ring app, I'm looking at the app and he's standing literally [right at the window].

"I'm watching him watching me two inches away from my face – I have never run so fast in my entire life to my mum's room."

Janušauskaitė said she woke her mum who ran to her room to catch the stalker. 

"She opens the curtains, opens the blinds and starts yelling and banging on the window like a crazy person," she said.

The man then left and they called police, however they told the woman to just remain vigilant.

A man is seen on the Ring camera footage outside the window.
A man was spotted on CCTV footage standing outside the model's bedroom window. Source: TikTok/@gustejanus

Her mother walked around the neighbourhood showing people the footage asking if they knew the man, however he was never caught. 

Janušauskaitė revealed she has since moved house and carries pepper spray and a pocket knife. 

"Still can’t believe this happened to me," she said in the caption of one of her videos.

"The PTSD is real – stay safe out there ladies."

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