Mickey Mouse or Blinky Bill? Woolworths sign sparks collectables speculation

Woolworths is set to unveil a new line of mini-collectables to rival Coles’ latest campaign of Stikeez fruit and vegetables.

There is speculation as to what Woolworths will be releasing, with a sign outside stores currently the only clue.

On a cardboard cut-out of what many believe is Mickey Mouse are the words “the magic arrives on 27th Feb” alongside pictures of stars and question mark tiles.

Woolworths shoppers are speculating as to what the new promotion could be. Source: Facebook/Brooke Elliott

Some believe the cut-out is in the shape of an iconic Australian cartoon character.

“Looks like Blinky Bill,” one commented.

“Here we go again,” another said.

Facebook groups dedicated to Woolworths’ unknown collectables have already been set up, with excitement rife among shoppers.

“I’ve been told that Woolworths are bringing out scrabble-like Disney tiles on the 27th of February,” one said.

Another shopper then questioned whether Woolworths would also be releasing folders for the collectables.

A spokeswoman told Yahoo7 News shoppers should stay tuned for further details as there was “some magic coming to our customers soon”.

Woolworths’ latest campaign follows Coles’ Stikeez minis, which were released earlier this month.

Shoppers can collect 24 Coles Stikeez minis. Source: Coles

The range of miniature fruit and vegetables was launched with the Healthy Kids Association to promote healthy eating.

There are 24 “Stikeez” to get your hands on and the latest collectible craze has already got shoppers turning to eBay to try and secure some of the minis, with individual pieces selling for $30.

Some are selling complete sets for as much as $50.

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