Outrage as Coles Stikeez minis sell for astronomical prices online

Opportunistic Coles shoppers are at it again, trying to cash in on the latest range of mini collectables.

It’s been just a few days since the Stikeez range of fruit and vegetables were made available to the public and already they are popping up on eBay and Facebook for exorbitant prices.

Unlike Coles’ two previous Little Shop campaigns, the Stikeez are yet to sell out but that hasn’t stopped online resellers from trying their luck anyway.

Individual pieces are selling for $30 a piece while those with completed sets are asking for as much as $500 – much to the horror of those taking part in the supermarket giant’s third minis instalment.

One opportunistic shopper has tried to sell a completed Coles Stikeez set on eBay for $500. Source: eBay
Parents are outraged by the prices being asked for the Stikeez. Source: eBay

“Makes me god damn sick of how greedy some people are over these things,” one mother wrote.

“I’m very disappointed & pi**** off right now.”

“Here we go again… disgraceful,” another wrote.

“I haven’t been able to get any of the albums so I give up.”

Once again shoppers are given one mini for every $30 they spend at the store, with the added incentive of five “rare Stikeez” including Golden Billy Banana that will land you a $100 Coles voucher.

Protesters accuse Coles of ‘disgraceful waste’

Since the campaign was launched, some 6000 protesters have emailed Coles CEO Steve Cain promising to boycott the supermarket because of the “legacy of plastic waste” they were creating.

“They say it’s to encourage healthy eating for kids. We say it’s just going to lead to more plastic ending up in our oceans and landfills – it’s a disgraceful waste,” the argument reads.

Coles has unveiled a new range of Stikeez mini collectables. Source: Coles

“Just like your ‘Little Shop’ promotion, these plastic items will find their way into creeks and the ocean injuring marine life, or will sit for thousands of years in landfill after they are inevitably thrown out.

“Surely we can encourage healthy eating without the wasteful and useless plastic consumption.

“I will stop shopping at Coles if you continue these wasteful plastic promotions.”

A Coles spokesperson insisted this was not the case as the Stikees are designed for customers to keep “for a long time”.

“Customers can choose not to receive them and for those who do we hope they enjoy them for a long time into the future,” they said.

“Collectable cases are also available for purchase to ensure the collectables can be displayed and kept.”
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