Message in a bottle sender found near South Africa

Emmy Kubainski,7News Brisbane

It's not the fastest way to send a message but a letter in a bottle which washed ashore in far North Queensland has been claimed by a little girl living near South Africa.

When the schoolgirl tossed it into the ocean she never expected the letter to survive a 7000 kilometre journey to Australia.

A message of friendship from one culture to another.

“Hello my name is Camille. I'm 6.5-years-old. I'm in year 2. I live in Mo'orea, French Polynesia,” the note read.

Little Camille had wished for a penpal, but she never dreamed she'd find one in North Queensland.

“I came back from Bora Bora and on the way back I throw the bottle,” she told

“I didn't expect this bottle to be found. But it's fabulous for me.”

Three years later the bottle undamaged and covered in sand washed ashore.

It had travelled almost 7000 kilometres and into the hands of Hopevale resident Dwayne Bowen.

"It would be good to get in contact and have a talk to em and show em where we come from," he told 7News three weeks ago.

The schoolgirl now lives on Reunion Island, East of South Africa.

7News marine expert Paul Burt says the ocean's currents swirl like a washing machine and it's not surprising the bottle eventually hit land.

"It's probably dodged ships, survived from horrific cyclones and it's washed up," he said.

Camille's family are now considering a holiday in Australia.

"I hope I can continue this adventure to be able to speak English or another language with the kids of this man who find the bottle," Camille said.

This letter washed up on a far north Queensland beach, all the way from French Polynesia.