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Mercedes driver blasted over parking job at Melbourne zoo: 'Moron'

A Mercedes driver’s animalistic parking job at the Melbourne Zoo has been blasted by annoyed Aussies.

Another visitor spotted the black luxury car parked on a zebra crossing outside the popular tourist attraction on Thursday.

“This tool at Melbourne Zoo today,” they captioned a photo of the vehicle on Reddit.

The post has since been inundated with hundreds of comments criticising the “moron” driver, with several joking that they should be caged with the other animals.

The Mercedes driver parked on the Zebra crossing at the Melbourne Zoo.
Another visitor spotted the Mercedes parked on a zebra crossing at the Melbourne Zoo on Thursday. Source: Reddit

“Obviously has come to see the zebra’s,” one person quipped.

“Baboon escaped from zoo,” another added.

“Into the zoo with them!” a third person said.

“In a way, he’s where he belongs,” a fourth person wrote.

Numerous others urged pedestrians to just “walk over” the Mercedes and pointed out that the location could easily lead to “accidental” scratches.

“Oh well, looks like you'll just have to walk over it,” one Reddit user said.

“I’m surprised there are no footprints going over the top of the car from bonnet to boot,” another said.

People are seen enjoying eased covid19 restrictions at the Melbourne Zoo in Melbourne.
The person who took the photo said that upon returning to their car, they saw a fine on the Mercedes’ windshield. Source: AAP

“I hope someone who needs to use that crossing has a wheelchair that they are forced into accidentally dragging along the whole length of the vehicle to pass,” someone else wrote.

“I mean, that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. My pram would do the same,” a woman agreed.

“Jesus the audacity. Hope they got towed,” another person said.

The person who took the photo said that upon returning to their car, they saw a fine on the Mercedes’ windshield.

“Although something tells me it won't phase this person,” they wrote.

Melbourne Zoo 'packed' on public holiday

Another person who visited the zoo said it had been “f***ing packed” on Thursday — a one-off national public holiday in honour of Queen Elizabeth II.

“No parks anywhere, roads and parking lots backed up with more people looking for a spot, and a line of people at the gate that didn’t seem to end,” they recalled.

A former Melbourne Zoo employee agreed, saying they had seen people park on the roundabout outside the main entrance.

“Also had a lot of people get blocked in,” they added.

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