Mercedes-Benz owner accused of hoarding toilet paper in garage

Yahoo News Staff
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People online have slammed a luxury car owner for appearing to hoard toilet paper during the coronavirus pandemic in their garage in NSW.

A photo uploaded to Reddit shows hundreds of Quilton toilet paper rolls stacked against a wall next to a Mercedes-Benz in a garage.

The car pictured is a Mercedes C63s, which can sell for more than $150,000.

The person who posted the photo urged people not to be “like this wanker”.

“This goes far toward my theory that the wealthiest are the most selfish humans alive,” one person wrote.

Another asked: “People are still doing this?”

A Mercedes parked in a garage next to stacks of toilet paper.
There's been anger towards the owner of this car in the belief they might be hoarding toilet paper. Source: Reddit

However, others suggested people shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions and it’s possible the toilet paper was bought to stock up a business or convenience store.

“He definitely could have bought that a few weeks ago,” another person wrote.

“It could just be a matter of thinking ahead. I say that because I thought the same thing. I expected a second wave and considered stocking up, slowly but surely, in a way that wouldn't hurt anyone.”

Purchasing toilet paper, panic-buying and consumer behaviour have never received more attention than in recent months throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

There has been footage of brawls in supermarkets, stories of people trying to resell toilet paper and sanitiser at a profit and supermarkets bringing in rules to prevent people stockpiling.

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