Men lose $20,000 house deposit while picking up pizza

Two men nearly lost their house deposit while picking up pizza from a restaurant in Melbourne’s west.

The pair were filmed waiting for their meal at Pizza Tabrabane in Tarneit on Friday night.

Earlier, they had stopped off at the bank to withdraw almost $20,000.

However, one of them doesn’t notice the cash falling out of his pocket after shifting in his chair.

Two men nearly lost their house deposit after dropping almost $20,000 cash at a pizza restaurant in Melbourne’s west. Source: 7 News

Luckily, the store’s delivery driver noticed the large sum and kept it safe.

The store’s owner Shakir Arafath said he was then given the money before the men returned 20 minutes later.

The pair counted the money and all $19,500 was there. They also offered Mr Arafath a reward but he turned it down.

He added it’s their money, not his. 

“Even $20,000 or $200, money is money, it’s someone’s money,” he said.

The men return and count the money. Source: 7 News

In other recent news involving good will, a police officer left a large tip and a kind note for a pregnant waiter last month. 

A fire fighter was also praised for communicating in sign language with a non-verbal boy.

Lieutenant Mike Rheault used American Sign Language to communicate with Ms McCall’s nine-year-old son, Tegan Kerr. Tegan has cerebral palsy and cannot speak, local outlet WMUR9 reported.

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