Firefighter's heart-warming sign language exchange with young boy

Heartwarming footage of a firefighter communicating with a non-verbal boy in sign language has been captured by the child’s mother.

Firefighters came to an apartment in New Hampshire, in the US, where the building’s alarms went off, mum Amy McCall wrote on Twitter on Thursday.

Lieutenant Mike Rheault used American Sign Language to communicate with Ms McCall’s nine-year-old son, Tegan Kerr. Tegan has cerebral palsy and cannot speak, local outlet WMUR9 reported.

“The Manchester Fire Department responded to our building tonight when three floors of alarms were going off,” Mum Amy McCall tweeted on Thursday as she posted the video.

Firefighter Lieutenant Mike Rheault and Tegan exchanged a high five in the stairwell. Source: Twitter/Amy McCall

“Firefighter Mike noticed Tegan not speaking and asked if he knew sign language right before I recorded this.

“Thank you Fireman Mike.”

Tegan spoke with the kind-hearted firefighter at the door while his mother filmed the exchange.

“My name is M-I-K-E, Mike,” Lt Rheault says as he signs.

The boy proceeds to spell his name in sign language for the firefighter.

“One more, one more. Do you know the sign for fireman?” the firefighter asks the boy before teaching him the word in sign language.

Tegan enjoying his hat from the Manchester Fire Department. Source: Twitter/Amy McCall

The happy pair then high-five before the firefighter leaves.

Lt Rheault learned sign language as a child because his mother and father were deaf, US outlet Boston 25 news reported.

The video was originally posted on Twitter by Ms McCall on January 31 and was viewed over 57,000 times.

Social media users were delighted by the feel good moment.

“This makes my heart happy,” one social media user tweeted.

“Humanity at its best,” another tweeted.

“This is so heartwarming,” one Twitter user said.