Memory book for parents of stillborn children

Ron Kandelaars

Memory book for parents of stillborn children

A South Australian mother is aiming to bring the pain of stillbirth into the open with a ‘memory book’ for distraught parents.

Tarlia Bartsch and he husband Lucas lost Jayden on December 19, 2011. They collected what mementos they could, only to encounter a system Tarlia says denied Jayden’s very existence.

“After Jayden was born, we realised he actually wasn’t going to be recognised in any way, shape or form,” she said.

“Because he fell just short of the 20 week cut off, so 20 weeks is when they are classified still born, before that they’re a miscarriage.

“I was put into hospital, I was induced, I gave birth to him… he didn’t exist.”

For Port Lincoln mum Tarlia Bartsch, it is all about bringing a deeply emotional and often hidden issue out into the open.

Along with Family First MP Robert Brokenshire, she has pushed for certificates to be made available to parents.

She has also self-published memory books for those coming to grips with a life cut tragically short.

“Beautiful little bits and pieces that you end up with at hospital, you get given hand and footprints and name tags and even something as simple as a pressed flower can be so significant for a family to be able to hold on to,” Tarlia said.

‘Till we meet again’ memory books are available through the [|Till We Meet Again Facebook page].