Melbourne's animal house

Kristy Mayr

While it is not unusual for many families to have animals in the house, it's not very often you come across a household quite like this.

Xavier and Madeleine Morello have so many native pets, they have moved upstairs, so the crocodiles, sharks and snakes have the lower level of their Warrandyte North home all to themselves.

Now eight years old, pet crocodile, fondly named 'Little Johnny', is a much-loved member of the Morello family.

His mate, Robbie, is just settling in.

"It's never a dull moment as you'd say. There's always someone that needs attention or needs to be fed or is making a noise," Xavier said.

Xavier Morello with one of his many much-loved pets. Photo: 7News

Monty the python is one of 10 snakes that live in the house, also shared by dingoes, owls, possums and geckos.

What began as a childhood love for 33-year-old Xavier, has since become a way of life.

"As a kid I always had lizards and frogs in the backyard," Xavier said.

Animal lover Xavier Morello and his beloved pet python, Monty. Photo: 7News

Now he shares his passion with other children, giving up close encounters at schools every week.

With a menagerie of some 150 animals in his care, it takes Xavier an hour everyday just to feed them.

The Morello's electricity bill tops $16,000 a year and it costs them another $12,000 for food, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

"It's really rewarding being able to have the animals so close. It's sort of a privilege I see it to own them and have them," Xavier said.

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