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Melbourne firies hit 'axe-wielding arsonist' with the hose

Fire crews were able to quickly control a unit fire they were alerted to on scene. Photo: 7News

Melbourne fire crews turned their hoses on a man who was rampaging through suburban streets with an axe while setting things on fire overnight.

Emergency services were in Meadow Heights responding to calls a man had set three cars on fire and threatened residents with an axe.

The 25-year-old man allegedly set fire to a house, two cars, a ute and bins before fire crews had to hit him with the hose.

"We turned out for a car fire and in the process of extinguishing that we had people approach and say there was a house fire down the road," an MFB spokesman said.

"We did the best we could with the car and got quickly down to the unit."

After trying to set a firetruck ablaze, the man allegedly threatened two people with the axe and tried to steal their wallets.

Fire crews managed to subdue the man before a dog squad unit arrived. Frightened residents around the area were advised to stay indoors.

The Tarneit man suffered some bites and remains in hospital under police guard.