Melbourne earthquake memes: Aussies laugh off bizarre week

It’s been a week of heated protests, ongoing Delta outbreaks and now an earthquake but the Aussie sense of humour doesn’t seem to have been dented in all of this.

Melbourne was struck by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday about 9.15am.

The quake came a day after hundreds of protesters, believed to be tradies, marched through the city against mandatory vaccinations and other Covid rules before blocking traffic on the West Gate Freeway.

Needless to say the somewhat chaotic and bizarre events have led to a wave of memes being shared across social media and the web.

One man tweeted: “You got this Australia” and shared a Photoshopped image of the NSW Health Covid template with the headline changed to “Current Earthquake Cases”.

Others shared images of items around the house tumbled over.

“Dr Strange did not survive,” one man tweeted alongside a photo of a Pop figurine, face down on a table.

One man used it to jokingly critique Melbourne's iconic Fed Square building which has previously been ranked one of the world's ugliest buildings.

"OMG! Look what it did to Federation Square!" he tweeted.

Another man jokingly suggested it was Victoria Police who were responsible for the earthquake.

"When the police said they were deploying 'different tactics' in response to the Melbourne protests, firing up the earthquake machine was not something I had on the pick list," he tweeted.

The Chaser didn’t pull any punches either in poking fun at the PM.

“Scott Morrison rushes back to Melbourne to offer distraught residents handshakes,” the comedy group tweeted, referring to the PM’s visit to bushfire victims last year.

Another woman tweeted the popular meme of the woman in sunglasses squinting with the caption: “Me looking outside to see what chapter of Revelation we’re doing today”.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is pictured in China.
The Victorian Premier was never going to not be the source of some satire following the quake. Source: Reddit/ karan2395

Others took to Reddit to share jokes.

One user shared a photo of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews in China holding a phone.

“Unleash the earthquake,” he says.

The premier was used in a few memes. In another, someone photoshopped his head on the body of Principal Skinner from The Simpsons with the caption: “I’ll bet I get blamed for this”.

Daniel Andrews face as Principal Skinner from the The Simpsons hanging out a window
The Simpsons memes are never too far away. Source: Reddit

Others joked about what could happen next after an unusual, unpredictable week.

One man tweeted “Sunday:" with a photograph of Godzilla fighting King Kong.

Aftershocks from Wednesday’s quake could last for months. It also damaged at least 46 buildings across Victoria, Deputy Premier James Merlino said.

A Thornbury resident told Yahoo News Australia he took his partner and both ran for cover under a doorway in the kitchen.

“My immediate thought was this is a tremor, my next thought was this can't be an earthquake because this doesn't happen in Melbourne, but it was the largest 'tremor' I'd ever felt,” he told Yahoo News.

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