Landlord called out for 'very awkward' detail in Gold Coast rental

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It could almost be considered convenient but a Gold Coast landlord is being called out for an unusual feature in a rental property.

The landlord posted a picture of the property on Reddit saying their partner had decided to “smudge the bungalow” after the tenant moved out. The bungalow, a one-storey home, is located at the back of their property.

Smudging is done in some cultures to ward off bad spirits and involves burning sage. In this case, the user asked if people could spot anything in the smoke.

It’s possible there are some kind of bad spirits or some bad juju in the property’s kitchen after readers noticed an unusual feature.

A toilet and shower are seen installed in the kitchen of a Gold Coast home.
I mean, you could argue it's a convenient installation? Source: Reddit/ Oldfood

“I can't see anything except a dunny where I'd expect a fridge,” one user wrote.

It is not clear why but for some reason a toilet and shower appear to be a fixture next to the kitchen sink and microwave.

“This would be very awkward if you were making dinner for a guest and had to go?” another wrote.

The landlord added: “the ghosts of past dinners”.

"It's always handy when taking a long s***, knowing that you can reach over and grab a nice reheated meal after the microwave dings," one user pointed out.

It is not clear where exactly the sleeping area is on the property, which is likely a studio.

Rental properties often go viral for having quirky, odd or even dangerous features.

A woman in March posted a photo of a tiny door she found in her home in March. It had people baffled as to what it’s purpose was.

London can be a challenging place to find a decent, affordable place for rent. One man, on the lookout for a new pad, came across a unit with an unusual kitchen feature.

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