Coles worker's hilarious error in note to shoppers: 'Almost wet myself'

Rotisserie chickens make for a quick and convenient meal but they’ve also become a key ingredient for some light-hearted humour, thanks to an epic fail from one Coles worker.

A shopper has taken to Facebook to share the hilarious find at their local store.

The photo posted to a Covid-19 humour group shows an empty rotisserie chicken warming station with a printed note to customers.

A Coles shopper has pointed out a hilarious typo on a sign about roast chickens.
A Coles shopper has pointed out a hilarious mistake on a sign about roast chickens not being available. Source: Facebook

“Attention Customers, Due to maintenance of BBQ chicken oven we are unable to cook chicken today,” the note reads.

“Sorry for any incontinence and thank you for your cooperation.”

In a sly nod to the funny mistake, the caption reads: "Sign at Coles, I almost wet myself when I read it."

Social media cooks-up amusing response

The post was inundated with comments and shared more than 400 times as social media users were sent into stitches.

“Good news though, Coles has a special on adult nappies this week,” one person joked.

“So THAT is where all the toilet paper went!” another Facebook user commented.

“I wonder who leaked that out” and “clean up aisle three”, others wrote.

The error wasn’t obvious to all until they saw the jokes being cooked-up in response.

“Wow I read the comments, couldn't work out what was funny. I read inconvenience... goes to show,” one person said.

Some were quick to acknowledge the funny yet easily made mistake, posting “damn autocorrect” and “someone chose the wrong autocorrect word!”

One person jumped to the defence of Coles workers, writing: “I know there are many staff working excessive hours.”

Supermarket staff weary after supply shortages

Supermarket staff across the country were left exhausted earlier this month as they scrambled to restock shelves amid major supply shortages caused by the Covid crisis in NSW.

“Us nightfillers are working till 3am in the morning waiting for these trucks to arrive. Last night one came in at 1.30am. All must be on shelves before trading day. We are exhausted but we keep going,” one Woolies worker said in a private Facebook group.

Shoppers are Coles and Woolworths supermarkets are faced with empty shelves as mass Covid isolations create major stock shortages across Sydney.
Major supermarkets across Greater Sydney had empty shelves as mass Covid isolations created stock shortages. Source: Facebook

Woolworths and Coles both grappled with serious distribution issues after thousands of staff members were forced into isolation, resulting in “reduced product availability in stores and online”.

At the time, a spokesperson for Coles told Yahoo News: “We appreciate our customers for their understanding and for treating our team members with respect as we work through this challenging time together."

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