Melbourne commuter slammed for brazen act on tram: 'What a grub’

The man was seen lighting up on the stairs of a Melbourne tram.

A Melbourne tram passenger has copped abuse online after lighting up on board the public train.

In a photo captured by a fellow commuter, the man can be seen sitting on the steps that lead down to the door of the tram. In his mouth is a burning cigarette.

Uploaded to Reddit with the sarcastic caption, “love my peak hour commute,” the post has since gone viral, racking up hundreds of reactions and comments.

“What a grub,” one person slammed. “People like this are a different breed. Wired differently.”

The man sitting on the steps of the tram in Melbourne smoking.
The man could be seen smoking while sitting on the steps of the tram in Melbourne. Source: Reddit//Oizaf888

“When your comfort is more important than everyone else on the tram,” another said. “I know that guy, [he’s an] absolutely stain,” added someone else.

While others encourage the poster to “boot him out the door,” one user claimed “this is why I bought a car”.

“I hope you let the driver know,” said another, “I can’t imagine everyone was happy about it.”

However some pointed out the man was at least doing one thing right.

While he was perched on the steps of the tram, a big yellow sign could be seen above him reading “don’t stand on the steps.”

“Well at least he’s following the guideline,” one person joked.

“It says don’t stand on the steps, it says nothing about sitting and having a durrie!” wrote another.

Commuter's act comes with $212 fine

Under the Victorian Tobacco Act, it is illegal to smoke or vape on trams, trains and buses, as well as all areas of train stations, tram shelters and raised-platform tram stops, and bus shelters across the state’s public transport network.

Anyone caught breaking the law could be slapped with a $212 fine for adults and $72 for children.

In an incident in Melbourne last year, a fiery row broke out between a tram driver and a group of teens after they allegedly tried to smoke on board.

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