Meghan forced to hit back at Camilla's fury

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She’s the one who broke the royals’ silence on the Markle family drama in the days after Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding, and a new report claims there was more feuding behind closed doors between Camilla and her new stepdaughter-in-law.

While Camilla and her husband Prince Charles put on a happy front as they glossed over the chaos that had seen Meghan’s dad Thomas Markle pull out of the wedding just days earlier, insiders say the whole debacle only saw the Duchess of Cornwall become convinced that the actress wasn’t suitable for the family.

Meghan and Camilla were reportedly at loggerheads in the days before the wedding. Photo: Getty

According to New Idea, a series of arguments between Camilla, Harry and Meghan before the wedding saw the former Suits star forced to hit back at criticisms she wasn’t good enough.

“[Camilla’s] always had her reservations about Meghan marrying into the royal family, believing that she wasn’t ‘regal enough’ for Harry and did everything she could to talk him out of going through with the wedding,” an unnamed source told the publication.

“It only strengthened her belief that Meghan didn’t belong in the palace and that her trailer-park family were bringing the whole monarchy into disrepute.”

The report claims Harry often stands up for Meghan, but the actress decided to stick up for herself this time. Photo: Getty

While the royals are no stranger to publicity, “appalled” Camilla reportedly went head-to-head with the actress over her family saga, with Meghan telling the royal to back off.

Despite the drama, the royal wedding went off without a hitch – with insiders saying Meghan standing up for herself was the best thing she could have done.

Meghan was seen standing side-by-side with Camilla during a royal event just days after the wedding as the newly titled Duchess of Sussex, in what’s sure to be the first of many outings.

“Camilla has certainly backed down since Meghan made a stand,” the source told New Idea.

Camilla is said to have resented Prince Charles’ attempts to make Doria (left) feel at ease.Photo: Getty

Between Meghan’s half sister Samantha, half brother Thomas Jnr, and father Thomas Snr, the Markles were hardly able to keep themselves out of the spotlight in the lead up to the royal wedding.

Samantha, who changed her surname from Grant back to Markle, regularly took television interviews where she blasted her famous sibling and revealed that she had ignored a palace media ban because no one could infringe on her right to free speech.

Meanwhile Thomas Jnr made headlines for an open letter which warned Harry against marrying Meghan, and Thomas Snr couldn’t make up his mind about whether he would or wouldn’t attend the wedding, until heart surgery put it out of the question.

Camilla and Meghan were spotted at celebrations for Prince Charles’ birthday just a few days after the royal wedding. Photo: Getty

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