McDonald's worker makes desperate plea to Aussie customers

The under-pressure employee has asked customers to curb certain behaviours at the drive-thru.

A desperate McDonald's employee has pleaded with drive-thru customers to skip the chit-chat and have their orders ready to go, claiming that people who slow down the process can lead to her being "mistreated" for missing lofty performance targets.

"We're pushed beyond our limits to beat 'times' up on the screens," the Melbourne-based Macca's worker revealed online. She went on to explain that a 30-second timer starts when a customer pulls up to order, then a 25-second timer is activated at the payment window, and finally there is a 35-second timer at the second window where orders are handed over.

McDobald's bag being handed over at drive-thru; Cars lined up at McDonald's drive-thru
An Australian McDonald's employee claims drive-thru workers are yelled at and mistreated if they don't hit their targets. Source: Getty

'Pushed so hard'

The woman claimed McDonald's kitchen workers are under extreme pressure to process drive-thru orders. "We get yelled at and pushed so hard until we beat those times, we sadly can't have a conversation with any customers," she stated. "Even when there's no other customers around and we're not busy, because we have to rush everybody along to keep the times high."

"So if you’re going to order at the drive thru, please remember what you're ordering or decide what to order beforehand, so we don't get yelled at or mistreated," she pleaded. "Also, please park closer to the window to tap your card, we aren't allowed to use the reaching stick anymore because it takes seconds off the timers."

McDonald's addresses employee's claims

Speaking to Yahoo News, a spokesperson for McDonald's Australia said the company is committed to fostering a fun and inclusive workplace. "At Macca's we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service, quality, and convenience to our customers," the spokesperson said.

"We are also committed to providing a fun and engaging place to work and an inclusive, rewarding environment for our teams and we are disappointed to learn of this employee's experience," the spokesperson added. "All Macca's employees receive extensive training and support and our managers and crew do a phenomenal job running busy restaurants across the country. We encourage the employee to reach out to us directly so we can address this with restaurant management."

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