McDonald's fan reveals little-known trick to ordering 'giant Chicken McNuggets'

Macca's enthusiasts are loving this menu hack.

What's better than a Chicken McNugget? A giant Chicken McNugget, obviously. And now you can order one at McDonald's (sort of).

Popular TikToker Bec Hardgrave, known for her clever fast-food tricks, has shared an exclusive McDonald's menu hack that will satisfy your cravings and save you a few bucks.

Influencer eating a McDonald's McChicken patty
An Aussie McDonald's fan has revealed how to order a giant Chicken McNugget. Source: TikTok/@bechardgrave

The Brisbane influencer shared her secret to getting a giant Chicken McNugget for $5.40 less than the cost of a conventional six-pack by ordering a standalone McChicken patty. According to Bec, McDonald's uses an identical coating on both menu items, essentially making the patty a larger version of a McNugget.

"I'm trying the giant McChicken nuggets at McDonald's... okay, they're not really called giant McChicken nuggets, but they pretty much are," Bec said in a TikTok video capturing her taste-test adventure.

How to order a 'giant Chicken McNugget' at McDonald's

To get your hands on this secret menu item, Bec suggests ordering a McChicken patty on its own, which costs just $2.30, while a regular pack of six McNuggets is priced at $7.70.

Addressing the all-too-common craving for just a few more nugs, Bec said, "You know when you just want to have a couple of extra nuggies with your meal but they're so expensive on their own?"

Bec, ever the culinary connoisseur, recommended trying the giant chicken nugget with her preferred condiment combo: McChicken sauce mixed with Sweet and Sour sauce.

With an enthusiastic bite into the McChicken patty, she proclaimed, "It tastes just like a nugget, but bigger and cheaper. Definitely try it."

Many viewers were astonished by the hack. "Oh my god, I'm going to Macca's tomorrow. How has no one shared this before?" one ecstatic woman exclaimed. Meanwhile, some McDonald's fans admitted they were well-acquainted with the secret menu item. "I always order a Double Chicken meal. You get the burger and an extra McChicken/nugget!" declared one fast-food enthusiast.

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