McDonald's customers slammed over 'feral' state of Aussie restaurant

Some locals say they were unsurprised by the 'disgusting' scenes.

A Melbourne McDonald's restaurant has gone viral for all the wrong reasons after footage emerged of late-night revellers trashing the eatery.

In the video posted to TikTok, McDonald's bags, wrappers, cups and other rubbish can be seen strewn across the diner, piled high on several tables and dumped on the floor.

As the camera pans across the fast-food store, a drink is seen launched towards a table of four customers, splashing onto the tiled floor.

Customers in messy McDonald's restaurant
Viewers called out the lack of respect shown by McDonald's customers who created the mess, branding them "pigs". Source: TikTok/@lordzsmurf

Common sight for some

"What a f***ing mess, no respect for anyone or anything," one viewer wrote online. Others condemned the behaviour as "just feral" and "disgusting", while some expressed sympathy for the restaurant's workers.

Scores of Melbourne locals commented that it's just a "normal" Friday or Saturday night at the Bourke Street Macca's, blaming clubbers for creating the mess, while former employees of the fast-food chain said they'd dealt with similar situations "time after time".

McDonald's 'working with' restaurant

A spokesperson for McDonald's has addressed the video, suggesting the scenes at the restaurant in question don't meet expectations. "At McDonald's, we are committed to giving our customers a great experience every time they visit one of our restaurants," the spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia.

"McDonald's has a zero-tolerance policy for anti-social behaviour and expect our restaurants, people and customers to be treated with respect and decency at all times.

"We follow strict cleaning, sanitisation, and hygiene procedures in all restaurants, including routine dining room cleaning. We are working with the restaurant to ensure we continue to provide a safe and clean restaurant, and a great customer experience."

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