Shocking McDonald’s drive-thru violence caught on camera in WA

Two men have been filmed throwing a flurry of punches outside a Western Australian McDonald’s.

While waiting in the drive-thru of the Geraldton restaurant, the two men came to blows in front of shocked onlookers.

The Facebook user who shared the violent footage online joked that the brawl started over a disagreement on which McDonald’s product was superior.

“C*** said filet-o-fish is better than chicken nuggets,” the man wrote.

The two angry customers traded blows while waiting in line at the Geraldton McDonald's. Source: Supplied

The men can be seen trading punches for roughly 12 seconds alongside the car as they’re waiting in line to pick up their food.

Exactly what caused the fight remains unclear.

Acting Sergeant Gillian Simpson told The West Australian newspaper that the incident had not been reported to police, but such violence would not be tolerated.

“Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated and police are investigating,” she said.