Massive wedding reception evacuated as marquee goes up in flames

More than 300 people have been evacuated after a fire at a wedding reception in Ringwood North, east of Melbourne.

Firefighters have said that the fire took hold of an area the size of a tennis court at about 4.50pm on Saturday.

About 350 wedding goers were inside and were at the marquee when the fire took hold.

Firefighters came to the scene and put out the fire in about 10 minutes. However, the marquee was completely destroyed.

The wedding marquee was destroyed in the fire at the Ringwood North wedding reception
The wedding marquee was destroyed in the fire. Source: 7News
Over 300 wedding guests were evacuated from the Ringwood North wedding reception.
Over 300 wedding guests were evacuated. Source: 7News

Some wedding guests were still on the scene, and helicopter footage showed a few drinking champagne.

All people were evacuated safely and none suffered from smoke inhalation.

Police will remain on the scene.

Fire crews arrived at the scene of the wedding in Ringwood North, Melbourne
Fire crews arrived at the scene. Source: 7News
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