How mascara gave woman a horrific eye infection

A 50-year-old woman who began experiencing a severe irritation on her eyelid was completely oblivious to the common make-up item behind the infection.

Images shared by the Journal of American Academy of Ophthalmology revealed the horrific extent of the woman’s injuries after 25 years of mascara use on her lashes.

She admitted that she had not been adequately removing the make-up following its application, resulting in the graphic infection.

Use of lubricating drops and gels to alleviate the pain proved ineffective.

The 50-year-old woman had no idea what was causing the horrific infection. Source: American Academy of Ophthalmology

Dr Dana Robaei, who published the study, said it resulted in dark pigmented subconjunctival concretions eroding through the surface of the inflamed eye lid

The patient required a general anaesthetic and a 90-minute procedure to remove the concretions.