Man's pre-dawn bin dump caught on CCTV: 'Real stinky behaviour'

One resident has shared their outrage after being left with a huge mess on their hands.

A Melbourne neighbourhood has kicked up a stink over a man’s pre-dawn raid on wheelie bins that has left one resident with overflowing garbage.

In a series of CCTV videos, he can be seen walking down a street in Thornhill Park at around 5.40am on Tuesday wearing a bright orange vest and carrying a black rubbish bag. Behind him, is a woman also carrying a bag.

Boldly, he opens a yellow lid recycling bin and dumps his trash inside. Then, after checking on the red lid rubbish bin beside him, he takes a second rubbish bag off the woman who points him towards another yellow-lid recycling bin on the other side of the street.

The man dumping rubbish into yellow lid recycling bins.
The man was spotted dumping rubbish into two yellow-lid recycling bins. Source: Facebook

A second CCTV camera then captures the man crossing the road to dump the bag inside another yellow bin.

The resident of that home took to social media to share their outrage when they were left with the mess. “Our yellow bin was not emptied this morning as this person went around putting garbage bags in people’s recycling bins,” the woman wrote alongside the clips. “The least you could have done was used the red bin.

She also hoped someone would spot the culprits. “If anyone recognises this person, please let them know,” she said. “We would have let them use our red bin if they had asked.”

Council encourages residents to report rubbish dumping

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, a spokesperson for Melton City Council called on the resident to report the matter to them. “Council will investigate when rubbish is dumped in recycling or green waste bins and penalties do apply," they said.

"Residents need to report the matter to Council and provide whatever information they have including time, date, address and any video or photographic evidence they have. These reports can be made on Council’s website. We urge the resident involved in this incident to contact Council and report the matter.”

Residents want revenge for bin act

It turns out it wasn’t the first time the neighbourhood had been targeted. “We had this happening on Dawson Street and we found the person and knocked on the door and it hasn’t happened since,” one local wrote on the Facebook post. “We had this problem, we’re on Washington Drive,” another said. “Honestly it’s ridiculous and they’re not going to pay the fine for stuff in the wrong bin. Absolutely ridiculous.”

While others shared their outrage. “The red bin was right next to it as well,” someone commented. “Real stinky behaviour, at least use the correct bin,” another added. Others said they would seek revenge. “If I found out where they lived after doing that to me, that rubbish would be spread across their law or thrown through the window,” one person wrote. “Scumbags.”

“I’d throw it at their door hard enough it explodes and goes everywhere,” a third wrote.

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