Popular Aussie pub's plea after patron's 'dog act' caught on CCTV

Iconic Surry Hills haunt The Cricketers Arms has described those responsible as 'little sh**s'.

An iconic Sydney pub certainly hasn't minced its words after it was targeted by opportunistic patrons who made off with a cherished lamp, with the venue describing the theft as a "dog act".

Cult-favourite Cricketers Arms Hotel in inner-city Surry Hills has shared CCTV of the alleged theft, showing a woman stuff a bunny-shaped lamp into her bag. In the video a man can be seen turning off the power to the lamp before glancing up at the camera and later laughing. The group of three then make their way downstairs.

Three patrons stand in the Surry Hills pub The Cricketers Arms. One woman is seen stuffing the bunny lamp into her bag.
A man turns off The Cricketers Arms' bunny lamp before a woman stuffs it inside her bag. Source: Instagram

The pub, affectionately known as The Crix, described those responsible as "little f***ers" as they pleaded for the lamp to be returned.

Pub says cost of living is no excuse

Management of the pub told Yahoo News that while young Australians are going through a tough time during the cost-of-living crisis, theft wasn't the answer.

“We know it’s a really difficult time to be a young person in Sydney. Cost of living is insanely high and you’re most probably going to be locked out of housing market for decades… but stealing from The Crix — or any other small business — is not going to solve your problems," the pub said.

"Bring our bunny lamp back you little sh**s!"

The pub's loyal following took to social media to criticise the group who were filmed taking the lamp.

"That's so embarrassing," one person wrote. "That is some truly sh**ty petty theft," another said.

In November, a regional NSW pub pleaded with its patrons to stop stealing expensive glasses from its venue, which was costing the pub at least $100 a week. In 2019, a $5,000 artwork was stolen from a Perth pub before it was returned following a public plea.

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