Man's outrageous reaction to complaint about height of his fence

A man has staged a bizarre form of revenge towards a ‘nosey’ neighbour who complained about the height of his fence.

Jason Windus received a letter from his local council in Santa Rosa, California’, informing him his fence was far above the 90cm maximum and would need to be fixed.

An anonymous neighbour had complained that his fences – which were installed to keep his dogs from escaping – were causing a ‘lack of visibility’, local news outlet ABC7 reported.

The mannequins in Mr Windus’s yard have attracted plenty of attention from the neighbourhood. Source: ABC7

Mr Windus complied with the council order and used a chainsaw to cut his fence to the required size – however he decided to organise a special surprise for his neighbour who could now see into his yard.

In the now open garden, Mr Windus has thrown a ‘naked party’, featuring half a dozen mannequins he had collected throughout his years as a removalist.

“I guess the average person would get angry and cop resentment? I throw a naked party in my yard,” he told ABC7.

“They wanted me to tear down my fence to see inside my yard, and now they get to.”

The bizarre scene has attracted attention from the neighbourhood, with most seeing the funny side.

Mr Windus even put up a sign in his yard, reserving an extra seat for ‘nosey neighbour that complained about my fence’.

Mr Windus even offered to reserve a seat for the concerned neighbour who contacted council. Source: ABC7

It’s not the first time neighbourhood disputes have made headlines.

Last August, a charity worker in Scotland was instructed by two new homeowners in one of Edinburgh’s wealthiest suburbs to start parking his ute elsewhere as it “lowers the tone” of their street.

In Victoria, a neighbourhood argument over a pot plant escalated so dramatically that police had to be called.

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