Man's hilarious reaction to huge huntsman in power box

Cleaning the house can be a struggle on the best of days, so coming across an enormous huntsman “guarding” the power switch probably isn’t going to help your cause.

Social media users have been left in hysterics after a Central Coast man shared a photo of his discovery while he and his family attempted to clean their pond filter.

Lachlan discovered the sizeable spider sitting underneath the plastic cover, but as many Australians could relate, left it up to his old man to clear it out.

“It was initially covering the power point we needed so my father poked it out of the way, a braver man than I, excitedly telling the rest of the family about the discovery,” he told the Daily Mail.

Lachlan shared the image to Reddit with the caption “our friendly bug removalist keeping our power supply safe”, drawing some hilarious reactions and other spider discovery nightmares from readers.

The massive huntsman made himself at home on an outdoor powerpoint. Source: Reddit

“A mate on his motorcycle at about 100km/hr had one slowly walk down outside the visor of his helmet right in front of his face,” one reader explained.

“He tried to keep calm, reached up and wiped it off. This was the point he realised it was inside his visor.”

Another reader shared his own childhood spider nightmare that is enough to send shivers down the spine of any arachnophobe.

“When I was a kid, one jumped on my stomach in the shower. I freaked the f*** out, flicked it off and splashed water on the lightbulb,” he wrote.

“Pitch black room, glass between me and the locked door and a spider the size of my out stretched hand who already had the nerve to jump on me lurking somewhere in the room.”

“I had one run up my arm when I was driving, veered off the road into a Maccas car park and danced hysterically next to my car screaming ‘get it off me!’ much to the amusement of that one dude standing up in the car park,” another added.