Cop who rushed to save baby thrown off bridge targeted by trolls

A heroic police officer who tried to save a drowning baby boy has shutdown her social media accounts after being targeted with sexist comments.

Eleven-month-old Zakari William Bennett-Eko was allegedly thrown into the River Irwell in Manchester by his dad Zak Eko on Wednesday.

Police Constable Jessica Voiels, 24, tried to save Zakari, The Sun reported.

She managed to pull him from the water but Zakari later died in hospital.

Police Constable Jessica Voiels who tried to save a baby boy from drowning in Manchester. Source: Facebook

Eko, 22, has been charged with the murder of his son.

Constable Voiels was hailed as a hero for her efforts in trying to save Zakari but has since taken down her Twitter and Facebook accounts due a number of comments about her appearance.

“I won’t mind her arresting me,” one man wrote on Facebook.

Another added, “Oh, wow. Cuff me please.”

Zakari William Bennett-Eko with his mum Emma Blood. Source: Greater Manchester Police

People have called the comments “disgusting”.

“She deserves some kind of recognition not sexist comments,” one woman tweeted.

Another woman wrote, “does it matter what she looks like?”

“What she's done is amazing, something I personally couldn't do,” she wrote.

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