Man working in hotel makes 'truly terrifying' find in abandoned loft

A man’s “super weird and creepy” discovery while working in a historic hotel has floored hundreds of people online.

Adam said he was surveying the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow — which first opened its doors in 1883 — when he made the bizarre find.

The top two floors of the hotel have been abandoned since the 1970s, but had been “accessible to vagrants via a fire escape stairwell before access was barred by heavy duty fencing within the last decade”, he explained.

“The hotel was wanting to redevelop the abandoned section, so I was there helping with some initial survey work to scope out what was there,” he said.

The razor blades embedded in the walls and ceiling at the hotel.
Adam said he was helping with some initial survey work at the hotel when he made the shocking discovery. Source: Facebook

“As I was having a look around, I made my way into this little ‘loft’ room.”

After noticing “something odd” on the walls of the loft, Adam said he went to take a closer look and found “hundreds and hundreds” of razor blades embedded in the walls and ceiling.

“I noped out of that room real quick!” he posted in a Facebook group dedicated to hidden finds.

Before fleeing the loft, Adam snapped pictures of the sharp blades sticking out of plasterboard.

He also snapped images of graffiti and poetry scribbled on the walls.

Facebook users were quick to react to the discovery which one said was “truly terrifying”. Adam’s post attracted hundreds of comments in just hours.

“Who on earth would do that? I think this wins the prize for the creepiest post ever,” one woman wrote.

The view of Glasgow's Grand Central Hotel from the outside.
The Glasgow hotel, now known as the Grand Central Hotel, first opened its doors in 1883. Source: Grand Central Hotel

“That is creepy as hell,” another said.

“I got tetanus looking at this,” someone else joked.

A woman who claims to know people who have worked at the hotel said “so many sad and creepy stories” have emerged from the building.

“It’s so huge and it’s been there for so long, there’s been plenty of time for it to accumulate nightmares,” she said.

Reason for razor blades revealed

While some people theorised that the blades were used to deter vagrants, locals revealed that the razor blades were part of an art installation held at the hotel in June 1999.

“This was actually part of a weird but amazing art show,” one woman wrote, linking to NVA, a company that produces public works of art.

The NVA's installations including a man appearing behind a mirror and the razor blade room at the hotel.
NVA, a company that produces public works of art, was commissioned to create installations at the hotel in 1999. Source: NVA

According to its website, the company was commissioned to create art installations at the Central Hotel — as it was called at the time.

“Many of the installations scared the hell out of people, with eccentric performers roaming the ballroom and hallways, burnt out furniture and decaying flower arrangements, a razor blade room, and most memorable a naked chess player who appears periodically behind the walls,” NVA said.

“There was a real intensity to the public reaction.”

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