'Creepy' footage of abandoned Aussie home spurs wild theory: 'What happened?'

Video of a “creepy” abandoned Aussie home filled with vintage clothes, furniture and expired food has spurred a wild theory about its previous residents.

The footage, shot by a group of urban explorers with Abandoned Australia, shows piles of belongings — including a cassette tape featuring Elvis, old TVs and newspapers from 1992 — spread across the dilapidated house.

In the kitchen, cups, plates and spices remain neatly stacked in the cupboards.

Footage of the expired food in the fridge and clothes hanging in the closet in the abandoned home.
The shocking footage shows clothes still hanging in the closet and piles of expired food in the abandoned home. Source: Abandoned Australia

“Creepy,” a woman can be heard saying as another opens a fridge, which appears to be covered in dead bugs.

“Oh my god, look at all the whipped cream,” she says, pointing to four cans sitting next to an opened bottle of milk and old condiment jars.

Upstairs, vintage clothes and “expensive suits” still hang in the closets, with bathroom draws full of toiletries and make-up.

However, the group said the most “amazing” discovery was an Alfa Romeo in the garage.

“This is mad,” the woman filming utters as she climbs inside the abandoned car.

The cassette tape and dishes neatly stacked.
A cassette tape featuring Elvis and old computers and TVs were also found. Source: Abandoned Australia

Following their adventure, the explorers posted the footage on YouTube and TikTok, attracting thousands of stunned responses and more than a million views.

“In today’s video we explore the inside of this abandoned house with everything left behind, from vintage clothes, to an old Alfa Romeo and a kitchen full of expired food!” it’s captioned.

One of the explorers, who declined to give the location of the home, said a calendar on the fridge was for 2007 but some food items had expired in the late 70s to the 90s.

“It’s definitely been sitting for a long time!” she said.

The dusty Alfa Romeo.
The group said the most 'amazing' discovery was an Alfa Romeo in the garage. Source: Abandoned Australia

Wild theory about home's owners

Many viewers have pondered about what happened to the home’s owners.

“I always wonder what makes people randomly up and leave one day and never look back. Like what the hell happened for into get to that point?” one TikTok user commented.

“Abandoned houses with valuables left have always been so eerie to me. Like what happened?” another said.

Others crafted their own wild theory.

“There’s a good chance they went into witness protection. You can’t take any personal items with you, you’re just whisked away from your home,” one person wrote on YouTube.

“I second witness protection or similar urgent evacuation,” another person agreed.

However, the woman who posted the footage said she understands the home belonged to an older couple “who got sick and went into nursing homes”.

“[They] eventually passed, leaving everything to their kids who have just left all their stuff in their house,” she said, adding that it appears to have been ransacked by squatters after being abandoned.

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